About us

"Level Plus" LTD has been founded in 1999 and registered by the Plovdiv county court with act № 817 / Feb 11, 1999. Its founders are specialists with many years of experience in Information Technologies, teamed up with each other in an effort to bring the quality of information and engineering services to a higher level. Experience and technology are successfully collaborated in our company in the face of our highly skilled experts having more than 20 years of professional experience, with the energy and innovation of our younger IT staff.
The experts in our team had worked in IT companies, bank institutions and trade companies.

"Level Plus" LTD is based entirely on its own capital, does not rely on credits and has no debts to suppliers.

“Level Plus” LTD is specialized in the developing and maintaining an original human resources management software product "GLOBAL - Personnel and salary", and other products with similar purpose.

If you are further interested in our company, feel free to contact us.

CEO: Olya Marinova