Human resources software "GLOBAL"

"Level Plus" LTD has created an original software product "GLOBAL - Personnel and salary" aimed at managing human resources. The product is under constant improvement cycle by its creators - the highly qualified experts of the company.
The product exhibits complex and individual solutions to all kinds of activity and property.
"GLOBAL - Personnel and salary" has been successfully adopted by more than 800 trade companies, bank and other financial institutions with over 50 000 employees.


"GLOBAL" is an automated system for keeping track of labour, salary and managing of human resources in businesses of any size. It has been built in two modules – "Personnel" and "Salary". It conforms entirely to the Social Security Code, The Labour Code, The Health Insurance Law, as well as to other normative documents of the law.

Major product features:

  • Build and maintain an index of employees working on labour and non-labour contracts
  • Forms and prints labour contracts, civil contracts, management contracts, additional agreements, canceling of labour relationships orders
  • Keeps track of available holidays - with or without pay, forms and prints holiday requests and orders, calculates and controls holidays according to Labour Code, automatically provisions unused holidays with pay
  • Automatically calculates and processes all kinds of compensations according to Labour Code, Social Security Code and the Regulation of labour reward elements
  • Processes invariable deficits on labour contracts
  • Processes arbitrary user-space deficits and stoppages
  • Calculates all tax obligations and kinds of taxations according to the Taxation of Physical Persons Law. Currently keeps track and recalcualtes on yearly basis of the income tax
  • Calculates all available personal insurances
  • NKID, NKPD-2005 and EKATTE (Unified Classifier of Administrative-Territorial and Territorial Units in the Republic of Bulgaria) have been introduced
  • Keeps track of the automatic recalculation of insurance payments depending on Insurance threshold of professions groups
  • Processes payments depending on labour organization - by time, by norm, by hours, by schedule
  • Automatically calculates and keeps track of relationships with funds that were regulated by the Social Security Code
  • Automatically calculates all kinds of compensations for common health problems, pregnancy and childbirth, employment accident, professional disease, transferring to a more appropriate job
  • Keeps track of bank loans, allows paying off using debit cards issued by major bulgarian banks that are part of the BORIKA system (DSK, Bulbank, SG Expressbank, UBB, ProCreditBank, FIB, PireosBank and others)
  • Forms and prints seven types of registers and four types of wages-sheets, BORIKA transfers reports. Advances-sheets and BORIKA advance-transfer
  • Processes deficits of advances
  • Keeps track of health insurance charts
  • Forms and prints 14 types of recapitulations in different forms and layouts including paragraphs with charts for National Revenue Agency and National Insurance Institute
  • The link with NRA and NII's software products that relates to Declaration 1, Declaration 6, Notices by article 62 and 1223 of Labour Code has been automated
  • Forms and prints all normative-specified reports - about Income Tax, about Labour offices, Base of patient's charts and others
  • Forms and prints over 40 reports of the staff, holidays and sick-leaves
  • Forms and prints over 60 reports of salaries, deficits, stoppages, provisions, norm tables and charts and others

"Level Plus" LTD Software price list

Software product "Global - Personnel and salary" - starting price (installing the product for one company on one working place-computer) 600 lv. w/o VAT
Next company in an existing working place (excl. book-keeping offices) 300 lv. w/o VAT
Monthly support subscription - depending on staff from 10% to 300% of Minimum Salary w/o VAT
Initial set up of companies in book-keeping offices - not less than 10 companies 40 lv. w/o VAT for each company
Monthly subscription for book-keeping offices - negotiable not less than 20% of Minimum Salary w/o VAT
Moving/setting up/reinstallation of software product "Global" 150 lv. w/o VAT
Възстановяване на база данни в резултат на грешка в хардуерната среда 150 лв. без ДДС
Преработка на данни за лица, рекапитулация, Декл.обр.1 и Декл.обр.6 по споразумение, но не по-малко от 20 лв. без ДДС за всеки месец
Индивидуално обучение за работа с ПП "Глобал" Персонал и заплати 200 лв. без ДДС
Висококвалифицирана помощ чрез отдалечен достъп за решаване на индивидуални казуси за фирми с прекратени договори 100 лв. без ДДС за всеки започнат час
Преработка на данни за лица, рекапитулация, Декл.обр.1 и Декл.обр.6 за месец от периода преди прекратяване на договора по споразумение, но не по-малко от 100 лв. без ДДС за всеки месец
Възстановяване/прехвърляне/преместване на база данни за фирми с прекратени договори 400 лв. без ДДС

"GLOBAL" software screenshots